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Why advertise on Pocono 411.com

  1. To list a site in Pocono 411.com is FREE (Most major search engines are charging $199.00 just to be listed but Pocono 411.com is FREE!)
  2. Pocono 411.com is easy to remember (easy to use easy to remember, people will use it)
  3. Low cost for banner advertising
  4. You will target your local clients (If your business is in the Poconos why not target you ads to the Poconos)
  5. Pocono 411.com has averaged well over 8,000 targeted visitors a month since its opening in April 2001. 

Banner advertising is an effective and popular way of advertising on the Internet. The costs amount to a fraction of traditional advertising fees, yet the audience is world-wide.

Pocono 411.com the Pocono's newest and easiest to remember Internet directory which averaged over 1,000 hits its first month and growing fast in popularity.  We focuses our banners on a rotating banner system that allows viewers to click through to your web site.

Pocono 411.com not only can design a great and effective banner, help you choose the right placement for your banner and monitor the banner's success.


The banner must have the dimensions of 468 x 60 pixels with a file size that does not exceed 12 KB.

See example below:


Banner Design:
Pocono 411.com can create a custom banner for you at the rate of only $45.00 per hour. 
(Most banners cost between $45.00 - $90.00)

Display Pricing:

Top of Page

Bottom of Page

*Impression: A banners appearance on an accessed web page. If the page you are on shows your ad, that counts as one impression.

Email sales@pocono411.com


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